Tuesday, September 20, 2016

many backpacks have found their new homes!

I had a meeting downtown near the place I intended to give the backpacks to last year. I had some extra time so I stopped in. They are a homeless youth center. They were in desperate need of backpacks for the kids they help. I just so happen to have them in my car! So after my meeting I stopped back in there and donated 40 backpacks. They were very thankful and I was thankful for the opportunity to help. A friends workplace goes to various countries donating school supplies. She is checking into that for me as to where they are going next. I saved ten backpacks for her. I may have a chance to pick up a few more at the end of the week. If I do I will give them away too. Its my little project I look forward to all year.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

backpacks are in!

I have about 50 backpacks. that will probably grow but at this point I have about 50. I also got some pencil boxes to go in them. I don't think I have 50 of those though. probably 20 give or take a few.  Now to decide where to donate them. This is a yearly thing for us so I try to spread the love around. I know this comes AFTER school supply drives and no one wants to keep 50 packs around for a year. And I also try to think of something unique to do with them. Lifehouse is a local place for homeless teens and young adults. I gave them a lot of backpacks. local school got some last year. Africa got some last year. Where should I give them this year? where will they have the biggest impact?

Monday, September 5, 2016

I donated over 50 brand new backpacks to a local school last spring.  I also send 20 to a group bringing school supplies to Africa. I hope to gather backpacks again this fall.